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2016/10/08 Terho's new website has been launched at www.terho.band

This version of Terho's website is old. Information you can find here was relevant during years 2009-2011.

This website is still online only for historical purposes and will disappear once all relevant information is moved to http://www.terho.band

See you there, cheers!

11/21/2011 Follow the second album recordings on our blog

Hello! The recordings of our second album have gone well. Now, when we have recorded all the drums and the basses and about two thirds of the guitars, we are having a little break due to a happy family event. We will continue recording early next year and aim to release new music next year.

Follow the second album recordings here.

Stories are in Finnish, but you can find lots of pictures included!

11/21/2011 Order your copy of Kaupungit hiljenneet from Record Store X

Do you feel Christmas stress? Don't worry, now you can order our debut album Kaupungit hiljenneet in a very good price from Record Shop X (They ship worldwide). Fits into Santa's pouch also!

08/06/2011 Terho to record a new album

Well, well... A lot has happened since the previous update. We have been rehearsing with our new drummer, Tuomas Martikainen and now the time has come to begin the recording sessions for our second album.

We will start with drums and basslines on sunday, the 7th of August, and will be recording guitars and vocals here and there during this autumn.

The band will produce this second album self, and we have hired Teemu Aalto as a mixing and recording engineer. Teemu did the mixing for our previous Kaupungit hiljenneet album, and it's cool to have him aboard from the beginning of this new project!

If you are familiar with Finnish language, you can follow the happenings in sessions in our new blog or Facebook artist page. We also do some tweeting in English, so feel welcome to follow us on Twitter!

04/26/2011 Houston, we have a new drummer! (and the bass player carries a new name)

We are sorry to inform that our original drummer Tuomas Ratinen has decided to leave the band. We thank Tuomas for 12 rocking years!

Terho has decided to go on with a new drummer, Tuomas Martikainen.

On the bass, Artist formerly known as Tatu Kettunen is nowadays known by the name Tatu Savolainen. Same guy, different name!

We are also planning to release a new album. We have already made demos for 10 new songs and the the mission continues.

Let's stay tuned!

12/17/2010 Demoing new material

Jiihaa! Terho has started demoing new material. The songwriting and arranging has been smooth. We'll be making new plans for the near future after demo sessions.

Here we come again batting away all life's little obstacles!

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Kaupungit hiljenneet rocks!

Kaupungit hiljenneet - Buy Terho's debut album!

Terho - Kaupungit hiljenneet - Debyyttialbumi kaupoissa 19.8.2009

You can find the album also from Spotify!




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